About us & our little Tickla Tots

As the mummy of three beautiful children, and after realising that I have been making bespoke products for them at home for the last 10 years,

 I made the decision in 2017 to put my twenty years as a Textile Technologist to good use and launch my own set of bespoke luxury baby products, under the Tickla Tots Brand.

Tickla Tots are a luxury set of animal comforters, designed specifically for young children from birth upwards.

Through extensive investigations into the ergonomics of a child’s instinctive movements, behaviour and physical development, we have created with great love and affection, the ideal friend for any baby, toddler or young child.

The four friends; Zebe Zebra, Buntie Bunny, Ted Bear and Purdy Panda, are luxury soft comforters that all incorporate key features to make them unique and tactile. The silky ribbons are designed in a way that make it possible for your baby to grip and keep hold of. The soft plush velvet fabric together with the silky ribbons, provide both stimulation and reassurance so they can grab and snuggle their new friend feeling love and contentment.

Given as a precious gift, these new friends will become a treasured possession for any child.

So much so – you may need a spare!